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The word impossible is not in my dictionary.
Napoleon Bonaparte


When the customer isn't right...

28 May 2014

What’s the most important thing for any business? Customers! Everyone knows that right? Sometimes you’re about to “be a customer”, and you know you’re in for a treat. And often you’re not disappointed. Then there are the times when you just know you’re in trouble and this will not be a pleasant experience, yet you still go ahead, and unfortunately, you’re usually right.

Fry your own egg - Brilliant concept or bad judgement call?

21 February 2014

I had a breakfast meeting at the Holiday Inn Eindhoven a few days ago, and as one would expect at a 4-star hotel, it was a regular buffet breakfast with the usual foods on offer. As I looked around the breakfast room, I noticed a predominance of business people dressed in suits (few ties nowadays, but suits nonetheless), and about 30% of them having meetings over their morning croissants.