Helping organisations and individuals organise and improve their communication processes through analysis, project management, mediation and training.

You can't solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.
Albert Einstein


Communication is at the centre of all business processes, whether internal within a team, or external with (potential) clients or collaborators. Getting the communication right is therefore directly related to the success of any company. By analysing the processes and people that a business deal with, both internally and externally, I can advise on the most effective communication strategies for the organisation. There are a number of organisation I work with frequently when the project requires a multidisciplinary team.

Examples of communication services we can provide:

  • Advice on the most effective communication tools to use for internal messages
  • Design of a tailor-made Podio implementation to facilitate improved internal communication and data-sharing within the organisation
  • Advice and guidance on developing a website to explain your business and attract clients
  • Bridging potential cultural gaps (in international business) when looking to operate in other countries, hiring local staff, etc.
  • Development of an interview procedure to find new employees or partners