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Communications Liason for software acquisition

The Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law
The Netherlands


The Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL) is an advisory and research institute for the justice sector, based in The Hague. A large proportion of its business concerns research and reporting and  it therefore requires a very large database of documents that should be managed appropriately. Hummingbird, the software used by HiiL at that time, was outdated and no longer supported by the vendors of the software. HiiL was therefore looking for a new Document Management Software (DMS) solution for the organisation. As an external consultant, I helped managing the selection and purchasing process, as well as the communications with the various vendors. A final report outlining an effective process for the purchase of the software package was produced at the conclusion of this project.


As the client was undergoing an internal restructuring process, moving towards the 'new way of working' where employees can work from locations other than the main office, they requested outside consulting to help analyse the specific Document Management needs of the organization. After an initial meeting, a specific list of requirements for the software and vending partner was drawn up.

This list of requirements was used as a basis to research the potential vending partners for a new DMS solution. Vending partners are as important for the institution as the software packages themselves, since a capable and stable vending partner is essential to a long-term software solution. A short-list of suitable partners and their software packages was presented to the client.

In addition to the shortlist, a project plan outlining the ideal communication and implementation procedures for the vending process was delivered to the client. I participated in a number of meetings with (potential) suppliers, in order to liaise and ensure that communications ran smoothly, so that the client could obtain the correct information on which to base its decision.

My Role

I was the sole consultant to HiiL for this project, and was therefore responsible for all aspects of the project.