Helping organisations and individuals organise and improve their communication processes through analysis, project management, mediation and training.

You can't solve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it.
Albert Einstein



A central theme in all my work and experience is a good understanding of communication. Irrespective of the industry, good communication is one of the most important keys to success. It is unfortunately also one of the most common reasons for failure. My diverse background and wide range interests enable me to easily understand others' points of view, and to use this in order to advise and assist in communication processes.


I have a very analytical approach and a good grasp of figures and processes. My objectivity in various situations allows me to see the overall concepts and structure of a sitaution. By taking a step back and observing, I am able to understand an idea on a conceptual level, giving it structure and making it easier to understand and convey to others.


My analytic mind often allows me to see the advantages and flaws in business processes. I am constantly looking for better, simpler, or more efficient ways to perform a task or organise a business. I completed a Six Sigma Green Belt course during an internship in Operational Efficiency, giving me extra tools that can be used in this process.


Hospitality is a concept that can be surprisingly unfamiliar to many. People quickly associate hospitality with hotels and restaurants, and fail to see that hospitality is an integral part of our daily lives. My background in hospitality enables me to associate situations and processes with the effect these have on customers and guests, and to anticipate their wishes and needs. This allows me to focus on the client, while keeping the business and end product in mind.

Information Technology

I have a keen interest in IT matters. My short study in information technology has given me a background that enables me to quickly grasp and understand technological concepts, though I am not an IT expert. This enables me to 'speak the language' of IT, while keeping the overall wishes and needs of a client in mind. It not only allows me to easily find the tools needed to assist in business processes, but also allows me to be a liaison for parties involved in IT negotiations once these tools have been chosen.